Bite for Wait

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Quiet and Loud

When targets are still and close to our body they are Quiet and when they are moved they become Loud.

Oops, Try Again

When the dog flies at the target as it’s presented for eye contact, simply remove all possibility of getting it, pause… and reset and try again. If a No Reward Marker is part of your training, this would be a good time for that.

Brace if Necessary

If the dog is really pressuring the handler, make the targets quiet in one hand and brace with the other in front of the body and discs.

Bite Cue as Release and Reinforcer

The cued Bite functions as the release from the Wait and also reinforces the Waiting behavior. The dog learns to Wait until the Bite Cue is given. “Why wouldn’t I wait. Waiting is how I make the Bite happen!”

Wait to Name That Cue

Resist the urge to name the cue until the behavior is solid. If you are willing to bet $100 that your dog will perform the Wait behavior, right now, this instant, then you can Cue it. Just use a pause of the body combined with a pause in the game and release with a cued Bite.

If the Wait is cued too early and the dog doesn’t wait 30% of the time, then Wait doesn’t mean what you think it means. Make sure that the behavior is likely to be 100% successful before putting a cue on it.