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    What are the strengths and weaknesses of a Disc Dog? Of your disc dog?

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    We can't do clockwise and counterclockwise as you Ron. 🙂 She follows my hand but she follows it closely to me. She doesn't do it from a distance :S

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    active 1 week, 1 day ago Here is revel learning Japanese dog catch.

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    This is my first week. Here is the work Pulga and I have done together over a few sessions. I'm focusing on building distance and getting Pulga comfortable going counter clockwise. Just a note that makes me really proud as a trainer to take note of as you watch this video: Pulga is not reactive nor is she outwardly aggressive but she is far from social with dogs and does not allow them in her space. My management here is a huge and I just wanted to share this achievment with those people who also struggle with a little sharpness with their disc buddy to hopefully give some inspiration towards management. @ron-watson you saw the first 2 minutes of this video on facebook.

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    Sailors (malinois) vaults are progressing nicely. She now understands the difference between the vault and the over. Sometimes she'll hit my leg with her front paws first, which just leads to her kind of pulling herself over. When she gets her back legs on she'll push off and it looks cool. I've only been putting physical pressure on Flynn (border collie) for a little over a month now. He's really started to get up off the ground on his flips in the last week or so, I am very happy with his progress. He is not as bold and brash as the mal, and is not a natural leaper, vaults are in his future, but I'm not sure when. He still needs more strength in his glutes and shoulders for me to feel comfortable, he also does not have the foundational skills Sailor has, but we are going to work on that soon. That's my update for today.

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